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Oso Easy Italian Ice Rose®, 3 gallon


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This rose features a burst of vibrant orange buds that gracefully unfurl into a beautiful fusion of yellow and pink blooms, that bloom all season.

With a charmingly rounded shape, this exceptional rose is also highly resilient to winter conditions and diseases, making it the perfect addition to any garden.

Maintenance tips:

Oso Easy® roses are highly disease resistant. For best results, plant only in full sun (at least 6 hours daily) and ensure good air circulation by spacing plants properly.

The Oso Easy® series don't need any special kind of pruning: simply cut them back by about one-half their total height each early spring. This ensures that the new growth for the year comes from the bigger, healthier buds lower on the plant. 

If desired, apply a granular fertilizer formulated for woody plants (like a rose fertilizer) in early spring, just as the ground has thawed. Deadheading is not recommended or required.

Class: Shrub Rose

Official Flower Color: Yellow-Pink

Bloom Cycle: Ever-blooming

Height: 2-3'

Spread: 2-3'

Shape: Mounded

Exposure: Full sun

Zone: 4-9

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