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FAQ's about Bulk Delivery

Can you dump on my driveway?

Yes we can.

Can you dump where I want?

Yes and No. We try to dump your bulk material where you’d like it. However, we cannot pull off of a paved or gravel driveway onto your lawn.

We also cannot dump on or drive over property that you do not own, i.e. city sidewalks, your neighbor’s driveway, without written permission from the owner of the property.

Can I have more than one material delivered at the same time?

Sorry, no. There are no dividers in the dump truck beds and the act of the bed rising to an almost vertical position causes all the material in the bed of the dump to mix.


Stuart's Landscaping & Garden Center, Inc. will not be held liable or responsible for any damages occurring to personal property past the curb line. All customers must realize that the size and weight of trucks, machines and materials contained in them could possibly, damage lawns.