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Hydrangea Twist n' Shout


The first ever re-blooming Lacecap hydrangea. The flower heads are truly unique in appearance. It is a must have plant for hydrangea lovers!

Flowers can range in shades of vivid pink to deep purple depending on your soils pH.

To attain more pink colored flowers make sure you soil has more alkaline in it.

To attain more blue or purple flowers make sure your soil is more acidic.

The flowers grow up to 8" in diameter.

Flowers bloom on old growth and new growth. Requires little to no pruning.

If pruning is desired do so no later than August 1st. Make sure not to take to much off as it will deter next years flowers.

Flowers are great in fresh bouquets and dried floral arrangements.

Height: 3-5'

Spread: 3-4'

Shape: Upright, Rounded

Foliage: Dark Green

Fall Foliage: Burgundy Red

Flower Color: Deep Pink

Zone: 4-9