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Fern 'Ostrich', 1 gallon


Matteuccia struthiopteris

Common name: Fern-'Ostrich'

The Ostrich fern is an excellent choice for a woodland setting.

It has a showy arching vase-like shape with vibrant green fronds.

A good choice for a damp shady place.

*Interesting note: In spring, small shoots of fiddleheads emerge and turn into fronds. These fiddleheads can be harvested for a springtime delight. To do so make sure to only harvest half from each crown, when small. Remove the brown coating and wash before boiling or sautéing them.

Height: 3-6'

Spread: 5-6'

Exposure: Part shade to full shade

Zone: 3-7

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens