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Espoma Triple Phosphate, 6.5 lb


This product is an enriched form of phosphorus.

It helps root growth and fruit and flower formation.

Can be used on flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs.

When to use:

Use any time in the growing season – Spring application is best. Never apply fertilizer to frozen ground.  Be certain to follow all local laws regarding fertilizer application.

How much to use:

For use on trees, shrubs, and vegetables, apply 1 lb per 100 square ft.

Individual plants: Apply 1/2 tsp. around the drip line of the plant.

Always water after feeding.

How to apply:

General information:

Do not place fertilizer directly on plants or seeds.

Keep at least 3 inches away. Cultivate the fertilizer into the soil.

Make sure not to disturb roots or seeds.

View product safety data sheet here.

 Photos & Information courtesy of Espoma