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Crabapple 'Prairiefire', B&B 2"


Dormant for the season. Call us at 922-8093 for next availability

This crabapple tree blooms later than most.

Flower color is a brilliant red-purple.

Maroon fruit forms in summer and does not drop.

The bark has an attractive glossy dark red color to it adding seasonal interest.

Height: 15-20'

Spread: 20'

Shape: Upright, spreading becoming rounded 

Flower: Single, red-purple

Bloom time: Late spring

Fruit: Maroon, cone-shaped 3/8-1/2"

Foliage: Red maroon turning to green

Fall foliage: Orange-yellow

Exposure: Sun

Zone: 4-7

Flowering photos courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc