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Birch 'Dakota Pinnacle' B&B 2"


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Cold hardy tree with a nice narrow upright appearance.

Dense dark green leaves turn a bright yellow in the fall.

The exfoliating white bark adds seasonal interest.

Good resistance to Japanese beetle.

If pruning is desired do so in late summer early fall.

Best grown in cool moist soil.


Larger branches are taken down with three cuts. Here’s the procedure: The Undercut – From the trunk of the tree, measure 18 inches out along the branch. At the 18-inch mark, make a cut one-third to one-half of the way through the branch beginning at the underside and working in an upward direction. This cut prevents the falling branch from stripping bark and wood from the tree as it falls. The Main Cut – Measure an inch or two out from the undercut and cut the branch from the top downward. Cut all the way through as smoothly as possible. Tidying Up – The 18- to 20-inch stub that remains is an unnecessary eyesore, and can cause disease if it dies back. It will not regrow, so cut it off flush with the collar.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Cutting Back Birch Trees: How And When To Prune Birch Trees

Height:  40'

Spread:  15'

Shape:  Columnar

Foliage:  Dark green

Fall Foliage:  Golden yellow

Exposure:  Full Sun

Zone:  3-7

Photos courtesy of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.