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Ginkgo Autumn Gold B&B 2"


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This tree has unusual fan-shaped green leaves.

The leaves turn a bright golden yellow in fall.

It has a nice narrow upright shape, making it ideal for terrace plantings.

No insect or disease problems.

Tolerant of salt, poor soil, pollution, and drought.

It is a slow grower, so be patient.

Interesting note: 

The ginkgo is also known by some as the maidenhair tree as the bilobed leaves resemble those of a maidenhair fern.

The species itself dates back over 200 million years ago and are long-lived trees.

Height: 50'

Spread: 30'

Shape: Upright broad conical

Foliage: Green

Fall foliage: Yellow

Exposure: Full sun

Zone: 4-8

Photos courtesy of Bailey Nurseries