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Viburnum Blue Muffin, 5 gallon


Blue Muffin is a useful viburnum variety.

More compact than other Arrowwood viburnum, it fits easily into the residential landscape.

Easy to grow, with little or no maintenance required, Blue Muffin adapts to most locations with full sun to partial shade.

Clean white flowers make for a crisp contrast with the glossy green leaves in early to mid-summer.

The remarkably intense blue fruit that inspired the Blue Muffin name appear in late summer and fall.

The fruit add interest to the fall landscape, and attract songbirds to the garden. 

Height: 5-7'

Spread: 4-6'

Shape: Rounded

Foliage: Glossy green

Fall Foliage: Yellow

Fruit: Blue-black

Zone: 3-9

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