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Blueberry 'Northland', 2 gallon


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This cultivar was bred to withstand cold winters.

Late spring white bell shaped flowers bloom and turn into clusters of sweet tasting blueberries.

Fruit is small in size with a wild berry taste.

Stunning bright red to orange fall color! Can be used as a hedging plant or grown in containers.

Blueberries like acidic soil.They prefer soil with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5

Height: 3-4

Spread: 3-4

Pollination: Self pollinating but for best results cross with another blueberry plant.

Taste: Sweet

Texture: Firm

Ripens: mid season (Early July)

Years to bear fruit: 2-3

Exposure: Full sun

Zone: 3-7

Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries, Inc